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  1. Today's blog post is a repost from successful producer Rinzen.

    When I discovered his post on Instagram, it felt like he was speaking straight from my own mind. I'm sure many singers, pianists, musicians and fellow producers feel the same!

    Many artists have gone before us, achieved the exact success we might wish for right now, yet it doesn't seem to achieve the glitz and glamour happiness it may sometimes seem.
    One of my teenage guilty pleasures Linken Park's Chester Bennington is only of many whose success hasn't brought him the happiness we think we're striving for.  

    Rinzen's post is well worth the read! And with this I wish you all a happy weekend!

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    The Pressure to Make It — As a culture, we are obsessed with the idea of “making it.” We dream about one day reaching some insane level of success that means we have “arrived” and we can be content now. — Artists are especially susceptible to this. There’s already so much pressure to prove that this path we’ve chosen is not some crazy pipe dream that will never pay off. — I often wonder: how much of our art is motivated by this ‘pressure to make it’? — How often are we thinking: this needs to be the biggest song, the best video, the craziest photo… This needs to be the thing that will propel me to a new echelon of success. — I know I’m guilty of it. — The problem is, when we approach our creativity like this, it’s tainted. We’re not expressing ourselves authentically. Instead, we’re creating with the mindset of “making it” -- and that has nothing to do with art. — Music (and art) is not about “making it” or being successful. It’s about expressing an idea as honestly and profoundly as possible. — I believe that just by creating something, just by seeing an idea all the way to the finish line, you’ve already done something extraordinary. Quite literally, you’ve made a thing. And because of that, you are worthy. — So go make things and stop worrying about “making it." — (Spoken to myself as much as anyone else) — 📸: @michaeldrummondphoto

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