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With her last single climbing into the Beatport Top 40, Eximo's director Maya Wolff, is an accomplished singer/songwriter.

Since she has a high demand to record for producers, she is now set up through Eximo to manage her songwriting and recording deals.

On our Soundcloud can find small hooks and vocal sections that are open for purchase to anyone. You are free to do whatever you like with them and there is no need to credit Eximo or the Singer/Songwriter. We do keep the songwriting rights and would always love to hear your production with our samples but this is not a neccessity. 

If you are a producer that is looking for a unique and more extensive vocal, you will also find a selection on the Eximo Soundcloud. However, you will have to inquire about the specific one you would like to purchase and we will quote you a price and conditions. This vocal will be yours exclusively and no one else will be given a download.

If you are looking for vocals to fit with an existing production or have a specific idea in mind, we can custom write and record these just for you. Contact to discuss your project.

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