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Piano Lessons

Eximo offers piano lessons for all ages, whether you have never touched a piano in your life or want to build on existing skills. 

Having played from the age of 4 and taught for many years, Maya is extremely passionate about playing and teaching piano. 

As she has learnt IMPROVISATION alongside her CLASSICAL training which has been a huge part in her personal songwriting career, she can pass on her knowledge and teach both ways (classical&improvisation). 

She will make sure you will learn and progress the way you learn best. Maya has taken up Grades over the last couple of years as where she grew up (Germany) there is no grading system as there is in the UK. After going straight in at Grade 5, she now holds a Grade 6 and is working on Grade 7 and comfortably teaches up to Grade 3. 

Maya also works with Logic and has a home set up to record digital piano as another service that can be offered as part of a lesson. 

She only takes on a few new students a year to give them her full attention and there are a few slots available at the moment - first come first serve! 

ONE TO ONE Lessons:
20min FREE consultation

30min - £20
45min - £25
1hr - £30

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